Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kieran Shanahan speaks out on state's efforts to seize Alcoa's private property

RALEIGH, NC – Kieran Shanahan, Chairman of the N.C. Property Rights Coalition, today issued the following statement regarding the State of North Carolina’s efforts to seize private property owned by Alcoa:

“The North Carolina Property Rights Coalition is greatly concerned about the attempt by state government to take over Alcoa’s property in North Carolina. Alcoa is a private business that paid for and developed the land it owns. If the state is allowed to seize Alcoa's property, how vulnerable are private citizens and small business owners to the same type of government takeover? Private property rights are one of the cornerstones of our free society, yet every day we hear more stories of federal, state and local governments infringing on private property rights. Private property owners all over North Carolina should take notice of this issue and speak out in defense of their private property rights.”
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