Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jordan Lake Rules: Too strict or too watered down?

From the Growth Matters blog: Jordan Lake Rules: Too strict or to0 watered down?

The short version (from Growth Matters):

On the one side you have the environmentalists who claim the rules aren’t strict enough.

On the other hand, you have local governments, businesses and folks in the real estate and building industry (in a unusual coalition) saying the rules will cost billions to implement—and may not even clean up the water.

The issue is simple: clean up Jordan Lake. The solution is more complicated. State regulators want local governments and private businesses to “retrofit” existing buildings and development. Guess what, there’s no money from the state to meet this mandate.

From GrowthMatters: "So our question to our readers is this: Is it fair for the state to make local governments and businesses go back and retrofit properties with storm water devices—costing billions of dollars? If not, what is a fair solution?"

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