Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

WRAL: Big Changes to Municipal Annexation Unlikely in '08

From WRAL.com: Municipal governments say North Carolina's involuntary annexation law has helped towns and cities thrive and doesn't need too many new wrinkles as it nears its 50th birthday. more...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Americans for Prosperity video on the forced annexation of Pinewild

NCPRC signs onto statement of principles regarding NC's annexation laws

The N.C. Property Rights Coalition has signed onto the following statement of principles regarding North Carolina's annexation laws. This statement of principles was developed by the John Locke Foundation.

Statement of Principles Regarding North Carolina’s Annexation Laws

Whereas North Carolina’s annexation laws are not achieving the goal of providing urban services to communities that truly need services;

Whereas North Carolina’s annexation laws encourage the duplication of services to communities that do not need urban services;

Whereas North Carolina’s annexation laws are inherently flawed because municipalities have a disincentive to help communities most in need and have an incentive to annex communities for financial gain;

Whereas North Carolina’s annexation laws should reflect the reality that sound urban services can be provided through private sources equally as well as government sources;

Whereas North Carolina’s annexation laws should provide property owners subject to possible annexation a direct and meaningful representative process to challenge the annexation;

Whereas North Carolina’s annexation laws should ensure that annexations, both involuntary and voluntary, are applied in an equal manner to all individuals and communities:

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the undersigned organizations, North Carolina’s annexation laws should be significantly reformed to protect the citizens of North Carolina.

Adopted January 2008 by:
Americans for Prosperity—North Carolina
Biltmore Lake Community Action Committee
Blue Springs-Hoke County Community Development Corporation
Cedar Grove Institute for Sustainable Communities
Cumberland County Citizens United
Fair Annexation Coalition
Good Neighbors United (Wayne County)
John Locke Foundation
Johnston County Citizens for Justice
North Carolina FreedomWorks/CSE
North Carolina Property Rights Coalition
North Carolina State Grange
Stop the Taking of Pinewild
Voices for Justice