Sunday, August 26, 2007

Column by Daren Bakst - Protecting Property Rights

From The News & Observer

RALEIGH - Pick any state other than North Carolina and you'll find much greater protection of property rights. Yet when the state House recently attempted to address two major property rights issues -- eminent domain and forced annexation -- there was one huge obstacle in the way: the state Senate. more...

Excellent Article: Abuse of eminent domain threatens us

Abuse of eminent domain threatens us - by Sarah Overstreet

Anybody here who, when you were studying high school civics, thought the concept of eminent domain meant the government could take your private property — a house, a couple dogs and a goat or a profitable shopping center — to plop a mega-super-duper big-box store where you used to be?

If you did, you obviously read more into it that I did. I learned it was the right of government to take property for public use. Public "use," for the good of the public, for government to serve the public through government projects: roads, courthouses, police stations, post offices — not public profit for the benefit of a city getting a bigger pot of tax dollars for city use. After their experiences in Britain, one of the rights our founding fathers and first residents held most dear was the right of private property ownership. more...

Businesses Fight Eminent Domain Plans in Wilmington, DE

This article outlines the efforts of some business owners in Wilmington, DE to fight the city's plan to take their property using eminent domain laws.

Eminent Domain in Hays, KS - Just Compensation?

According to this article, the City of Hays, Kansas is considering exercising eminent domain to condemn Jude's Piano and Organ Co., 2200 Canterbury, to begin a $2.4 million project that will connect Canterbury to Commerce Parkway via 22nd Street.

From the article: "Property owner Judith "Jude" Scheck said the offer is not adequate. 'The initial offer is still standing at $63 per foot,' she said. 'I cannot find a contractor that will build for $63 a foot.' She said contractors have told her it costs $135 per foot to build residential buildings."

Shallotte Point Residents Proactive in Defending Property Rights

Residents of the Shallotte Point community have been proactive in standing up for their private property rights.

From the Wilmington Star News: "About 400 residents in Shallotte Point signed a petition in May opposing legislation that would have allowed residents in the area and others near Shallotte to request annexation into the town without going through the required steps of getting approval from other nearby jurisdictions."

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